Mission Statement

As the City Manager for the great City of Hobbs, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the City and for bringing the vision of the City to fruition. Working with our Department Heads, I make recommendations/decisions and try to provide the necessary resources for our nearly 470 city employees to carry out their duties. It is my belief that the principle reason for having any government, is to serve the people. From the police, fire, and ambulance crews, to recycling effluent water and cleaning the parks, to enforcing building codes and holding contractors to certain standards, and finally providing excellent customer service to our community, our employees work hard every day to serve the roughly 44,000 diverse people that cover the 26 sq miles of Hobbs. I am proud to work with these fine employees, to help lead this great team, and to constantly work to improve the ways that we carry out our mission of serving the people.

The above duties are only half of the story, however, because no city lives within a vacuum. If we only had to perfect the above duties, easy enough, but technology changes, buildings decay, demographics shift, etc. A community is a living, breathing life in and of itself and requires dynamic leadership to constantly keep it young. This part of my job is what I feel distinguishes average City Managers from great ones. Working alongside the Mayor and City Commission, it is my job to research other cities, understand the latest trends, and help them form and carry out a vision of growth and development for our City.

I hope I was able to briefly illustrate my job as a City Manager to you. Every day is different and has unique challenges that can never be foreseen. The job of a City Manager requires the ability to dissect the past, evaluate the present, and anticipate the future. Hard work, persistence, and ingenuity are characteristics that I pride myself, and the successes of the City of Hobbs on.


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City Commission Special Meeting Agenda - August 25, 2015

City Commission Closed Meeting Agenda - August 25, 2015

City Commission Special Meeting Agenda - August 25, 2015 [Full Packet]

Planning Board Special Meeting Agenda - August 27, 2015


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