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(Annual Requests Due March 13, 2015)

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Annual Requests Due March 13, 2015)


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Voter registration forms are available in the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 200 East Broadway, Hobbs, New Mexico, 88240, or at the Lea County Clerk’s Office at the Lea County Courthouse, 100 North Main Street, Lovington, New Mexico, 88260.    Don’t forget to update your voter registration if your name or address have changed.


2015 Business Registrations

Business registration renewals for calendar year 2015 have now been mailed.  The renewal fee is $25.00 and must be paid by January 31st.    A late penalty fee of $10.00 will be assessed to all unpaid registrations beginning February 1st.   For your convenience, payment can be made over the telephone using a credit card by calling the City Clerk’s Office at 397-9200.  

Renewals may also be obtained by mail or in person at the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 200 East Broadway, Hobbs, New Mexico.  If your business is no longer in operation, please contact the Clerk's Office to have your business registration cancelled.   

As a reminder, if your business is required to have a New Mexico gross receipts tax number, the Hobbs City Code requires a business registration for each business location with the Hobbs city limits. 


Mission Statement

The mission of the City Clerk’s office is to support the process of municipal government in the City of Hobbs. We are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the needs of the community and corporation. We provide high quality responsive services to our citizens, delivered through commitment to team work and professionalism in the work place. We constantly strive to conduct ourselves in an ethical, impartial and equitable manner at all times. Our high standards of quality and integrity will merit the public’s confidence in the duties performed by the City Clerk’s Office and in the community.

Obtaining a Business Registration

1. Pursuant to Chapter 5.04.050 of the Hobbs Municipal Code, all persons proposing
to engage in business within the municipal limits of the City shall apply for and pay
a business registration fee for each outlet, branch or location within the municipal
limits of the City prior to engaging in business.

2. It is the responsibility of the business owner or tenant to comply with all City, State and Federal Codes and Regulations. If you are changing the use of an existing
building, it is your responsibility to comply with all codes for the new use of the
building. Please contact the City of Hobbs Code Enforcement at 391-8158 or the
Building Inspector at 397-9234 for further information on code compliance issues.

3. How to Apply for a CRS Identification Number

The State of New Mexico offers two ways to obtain a CRS identification number. You can submit an ACD-31015, Application for Business Tax Identification Number to any local tax office. For instructions on completing this form click here.  You can also apply for a CRS identification number online.

Any entity other than a sole proprietor/individual owner that does not have employees must obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). The IRS issues this number. To contact the IRS, call 1-800-829-4933, or click FEIN online

4. You will then need to complete the City of Hobbs Business Registration Application, pay the registration fee of $25.00 and present proof of your New Mexico State Tax
Identification Number to the City Clerk’s Office, 200 E Broadway, Hobbs, New
Mexico, 88240.

5. The business registration is renewable annually at a fee of $25.00 and must be paid prior to January 31 of each year. After that date, a late fee of $10.00 is imposed.

6. Penalties for failure to obtain a business registration or pay the annual business
registration renewal are provided in Chapter 5.04.110 of the Hobbs Municipal Code.

Other Information

Birth and death records are maintained by the State of New Mexico, Vital Records & Health Statistics, (505) 827-0121 or Toll Free (866) 534-0051.   Website address is:

Marriage licenses are issued by the Lea County Clerk’s Office in Lovington, New Mexico, (575) 396-8619.   Website address is:

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