Parks & Recreation

The Center Of Recreational Excellence

Click here to see the marketing video for The CORE, coming to you Spring 2018!

Activity Registration

Log on now to to set up your account so that you will be ready to register for activities, swim lessons and specialty classes.

All others may register in person at the Parks & Recreation Office, at 200 E. Broadway.

If you already have an account and do not remember your login or password, please do not create another account. Instead, call our office at (575) 397-9291, and we will be glad to assist you.

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Flip Book

We now have the tools to help you plan your activities. Click to go to the electronic version of the activity guide. The paper booklets are also in stock at the Parks & Recreation Office and other offices around City Hall.

Department Contacts

Main Office

(575) 397-9291


Doug McDaniel (Parks & Recreation Director)
(575) 397-9293

Michal Hughes (Recreation Superintendent)
(575) 397-9292

Brenda Taylor (Aquatics/Athletics Coordinator)
(575) 397-9400

Brittny Huffman (Program Coordinator/Special Events)
(575) 397-9294

Rockwind Community Links

Linda Howell (General Manager/Golf Professional)
(575) 397-9297

Matt Hughes (Superintendent)
(575) 397-9300


Wade Whitehead (Superintendent)
(575) 397-9289

Placido Ramirez (Parks Shop)
(575) 397-9291

CORE - Center of Recreational Excellence

Catherine Vorrasi (Facility Director)
(575) 391-4159

Lindsey Chism McCarter (Marketing Coordinator)
(575) 391-4128


Monica Mendoza
(575) 397-9296

Senior Center

Dalia Conken
(575) 397-9301

Teen Center

Britt Lusk
(575) 391-9505

Sports Fields

Dusty Corley
(575) 397-9291