2020 Census

Why is the Census Important?

  • Funding for public services and infrastructure
    • schools, education, hospitals, roads, etc
  • Provides data to attract new businesses
    • restaurants, stores, airports and other types of transportation
  • Determines number of seats for your state in Congress

How Do I Get Counted?


By Phone

Postal Mail

In Person

2010 Census Data for Hobbs

  • Population: 38,277
  • Population Change Estimate to July 1, 2018: 11.9%
  • Female 47.8% | Male52.2%
  • Race and Hispanic Origin
  • Population Characteristics (Veterans or Foreign born persons)
  • Housing
  • Families and Living Arrangements
  • Computer and Internet Use
  • Education
  • Economy
  • Transportation
  • Income & Poverty
  • Businesses
  • Geography

  • Source: https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/hobbscitynewmexico

Census Jobs

Hobbs CCC

Group/Niche Name Organization
Faith-based Larron Fields Ministerial Alliance
Father Joe Pacquing Catholic Leadership
JB Carrica PHD Catholic Leadership
Children Youth and Families Megan Gallegos CASA
Patricia Garza State of New Mexico
Education Donna Jones Hobbs Schools
Kelvin sharp New Mexico Junior College
Lori Bova Veritas
Group Quarters Angela Wimberley Lea County Detention Center
Dwaynge Santistevan Lea County Detention Center
Chambers Patty Collins Hobbs Chamber
Laura Barrios Hobbs Hispano Chamber
Maria Susana Arizu Hobbs Hispano Chamber
Rachael Moon Hobbs Hispano Chamber
Maddox Foundation Bob Reed Maddox Foundation
Jennifer Grassham Maddox Foundation
Media Lori Estrada MTD Radio
Al Lobeck Noalmark Broadcasting
Hermilio Ojeda KLMA
Healthcare Industry MaryAnn Bradshaw Lea Regional Medical Center
Shannon Bush Lea Regional Medical Center
Josue Rodriguez Nor Lea
Oil and Gas Industry Shannon Johnson Permian Strategic Partnership - Devon Energy
Rosa Aranda Got Safety? and Hispano Chamber President
Economic Development Missi Currier EDC of Lea County
Elyce Gobat EDC of Lea County
City Commissioners Pat Taylor Hobbs City Commission
Don Gerth Hobbs City Commission
Joe Calderon Hobbs City Commission
Sam Cobb Hobbs Mayor
Senior Citizens Angela Hobbs Senior Center
Laurie Terpening Landmark Assisted Living
Marlisa Bevers-Walls Landmark Assisted Living
Hobbs Public Library Sandy Farrell Hobbs Public Library
Census Bureau Steven Montano Census Bureau
Chair Meghan Mooney City of Hobbs