Recreation Rentals

Designated group shelters are available for rental throughout our park system. For a small gathering, the refundable deposit is $25, and the rental fee is $25 for every 4 hours. Reservations can be made at the Parks & Recreation Office, 397-9291, on a first-come, first-serve basis as long as the site is available. The cut-off date for weekend reservations is Thursday at 12:00 noon prior to the requested weekend. All other reservations require a minimum of a 48-hour notice.

Reservations are required at the following locations:

  • Del Norte Performance Area*
  • Harry McAdams Park
  • Shipp Street Venue*
  • *special event rates apply at all times
Special Events

For special events such as a large company picnic totaling over 100 attendees, a Special Event Permit Application is required. Fees for this type of reservation are as follows:

99 people or less $50 deposit $50/day rental
100-199 people $50 deposit $100/day rental
200-299 people $100 deposit $200/day rental
300+ people $150 deposit $300/day rental