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April 25, 2018

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Planning Board Meeting
April 17, 2018

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Community Affairs Board Meeting
April 20, 2018

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Official Runoff Election Results
Runoff Election on April 10, 2018
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National Work Zone Awareness Week

Work Zone Safety: Everybody's Responsibility
April 9-13

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Municipal Election

Official Election Results

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School Zone Flashing Lights Schedule

Please click the graphic below to view a complete schedule of locations, times, and dates for school zone flashing lights. Plan your route accordingly!

New Hobbs Express Saturday Route

Effective March 10, 2018, Hobbs Express will be offering a new Saturday Route Service. In an effort to smart size our operations and be more efficient with our resources, the new Saturday Route will be the only route service available on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the Red, Blue, and Green Routes will not be operating on Saturday. The new Saturday Route was designed in an effort to reach the most frequented locations in town to best assist customers fulfilling their weekend duties. We hope each customer finds benefit in it.

As always, veterans ride free and the public curb-to-curb demand response service is available upon request with 24 hours' notice. If you have any questions or need assistance in planning your trip, please call us at 575-397-9290. Thank you for using our service!

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The CORE Website is Live

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City Employee Impersonations

The City of Hobbs recently received a report that individuals driving a red pickup truck approached local residents and identified themselves as employees of the City of Hobbs in order to receive permission to enter homes. The report stated that these individuals explained they were at the residence to inspect a water leak, after which they then entered the residence's back gates and examined the state and condition of these gates. No proof of identification was provided to the homeowner, and no City of Hobbs work vehicles are red pickup trucks.

Interim Hobbs City Manager Manny Gomez stated, "Our number one concern for citizens is safety and security. We would never want them or their property in harm's way, which is why we intend to educate and inform the public at the highest level. You should always request proof of identification from someone before allowing them to enter your home, even if you are expecting a visit from a business or from the City of Hobbs. This could make the difference between keeping your home, family, and yourself safe. If you are ever unsure of a visit or claim, feel free to call the City of Hobbs to request more information or make a report."

If you are approached by individuals claiming to be City of Hobbs employees, request proof of identification before conducting any type of business with them. All City of Hobbs employees possess identification in order to prove their identity and intent. If the individuals do not provide such proof, do not allow them inside your property and report this immediately. You can report such incidences to the Hobbs Police Department at (575)397-9265. For all emergencies, call 9-1-1.

Grassfire Prevention

With the seasons beginning to change follows a rise in temperatures, as well as wind speeds. It is always important to be educated about grassfire prevention, as being aware could make the difference in the loss of property or loss of life. Please, heed the following pieces of information and tips this season:

  • Do not park cars, trucks, or recreational vehicles on dry grass or shrubs. Exhaust systems on vehicles can reach a temperature of more than 1,000 degrees; it only takes about 500 degrees to start a brush fire in the summer.
  • Within the city limits of Hobbs, New Mexico, no burning of trash, leaves, or brush is permitted. To burn such materials outside of city limits, a burn permit is required.
  • Keep a 30-foot defensible space around the home, making sure to clear the area of brush, especially for those living in rural areas.
  • Rake leaves, cut off dead limbs, cut grass regularly, and remove dead branches that extend over the roof, tending to your roof gutters as well.
  • When barbecuing, place ashes or burnt charcoal in a metal bucket and soak in water, checking back regularly to monitor. Keep a shovel, bucket of water, fire extinguisher, or other fire suppression tools on hand.
  • Having a safety action plan ready prior to a possible grass fire is vital. This includes: a meeting place for each family member and knowing where all possible exits and escape routes are located. Households with children should consider drawing a floor plan of your home, marking two ways out of each room, including windows and doors.
  • Parents should emphasize the dangers of playing with fire to their children. Many grassfires are often started by children who are unaware of how quickly flames can grow and spread. Children need to be informed of the potential threat.
  • Do not hesitate to call and report a possible fire. The quicker responders are notified, the better chance they will have to contain the fire.

For more information, feel free to contact the Hobbs Fire Department at (575) 397-9308 or the Fire Marshal at (575) 391-8158.

City Park Update

Hobbs Fire Chief and Fire Inspector Receive State Recognition

Hobbs Fire Department is bringing major recognition to Lea County and Hobbs with their acceptance of two separate awards yesterday evening. On Sunday, September 10th, 2017, Hobbs Fire Chief Manny Gomez and Fire Inspector Andrew Gonzales were awarded the New Mexico State Fire Fighters' Association (NMSFFA) awards for Fire Chief of the Year and Fire Investigator of the Year at the NMSFFA Banquet in Socorro, NM.

As Chief Gomez stayed in Hobbs due to prior commitments, Mr. Gonzales was in attendance to read a letter and accept the Fire Chief of the Year award on the Chiefís behalf. The NMSFFA upholds their duty "to protect and serve" in the state of New Mexico, signifying the nominees of the awards as examples of this commitment.

An interesting point to make about the NMSFFA's recognition of our area this year is the presentation of the Meritorious Lifetime Achievement Award to Richard Cummins and the Governorís Award to Donnie Roberts, both HFD retirees. Mr. Cummins is a retired Captain of the Hobbs Fire Department after 20 years of service, returned to Hobbs for another 3 years, was the Eunice Fire Department Chief for 5 years, continues to work with the State on instructing fire safety and EMS classes, and possesses over 40 years of fire service. Mr. Roberts is a retired Captain of the HFD with over 22 years of fire service, the current NM EMS Region III Executive Director, was tasked with the creation of an EMS division at Canon Air Force Base and is now the lead paramedic there for special operations, and has served on numerous committees across the state for years.

Mr. Gonzales will reach his 20-year milestone with the Hobbs Fire Department in 2018. He has served as the City of Hobbs Fire Inspector since January of 2014. Also, Andrew has served the State of New Mexico Firefighters Training Academy as a State Instructor since 2009. This position requires an additional set of certifications and renewals. As stated in the biography he sent to the NMSFFA, Mr. Gonzales has participated in approximately 50 investigations with 20 of which as Lead Investigator and over 400 inspections per year. On receiving the award, Mr. Gonzales stated, "I honestly didnít expect or anticipate it. Itís a great accomplishment, especially coming up on my 20-year mark. Receiving this award serves as a great representation for the City, County, and my career. This is an award for Lea County in general, a good recognition for our year. Itís a capstone for me."

Fire Chief Manny Gomez served the Hobbs Fire Department for 22 years, with 12 years as Fire Chief. After a 3-year retirement, he returned to the fire department and continues developing the department that so much of his life is dedicated to. Back in the position of Fire Chief and with the nomination for this award, Chief Gomez stated, "I am extremely honored to have received this award, even being nominated for this award is an incredible honor. However, few things in life are entirely the work of just one person, and this is no exception, so I thank and pay tribute to the contributions this city and the men and women of HFD have made in my career. This award is as much for them, as it is for me. I just get to take it home!"

Hobbs Ranked as One of the Best Places in the U.S. to Make More Money

Hobbs ranked as one of the best places in the United States to make more money and grow income according to LendEDU's newest report.

Hobbs ranked #24 out of over 25,000 U.S. towns! Factors that were analyzed include income growth from 2000 to 2017 and forecasted income growth over the next five years.

The full report and methodology can be found here:

Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan FY 2017-2021

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Warrior Award

In the early afternoon of Thursday, January 4th, the Hobbs Fire Department responded to a call in reference to a fire in the backyard of a residence. The fire was discovered to have started with a tree in the backyard and was beginning to make contact with the home. However, it was due to the quick action taken by the nearby City of Hobbs employees from the Parks and Recreation Department that the home did not catch fire.
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The following employees were removing Christmas decorations near the neighborhood of the affected home

  • Dee Martinez: Irrigation Technician
  • Rudy Adame: Irrigation Specialist
  • Adrian Navarratte: Parks Maintenance Lead Worker
  • Balty Baeza: Parks Maintenance Lead Worker
  • Jema Duron: Parks Maintenance Worker
  • Manuel Martinez: Pesticide Technician
  • Luis Mora: Parks Maintenance Lead Worker

These employees noticed a column of black smoke rising from the trees in a back yard. When a passenger of a white vehicle pulled up to the home and ran up to the door, they were certain there was a problem. The employees approached the man in the home to communicate the situation then ran to the backyard with the fire extinguishers they keep in their work vehicles.

The quick reactions on the part of these staff members may have prevented the situation from escalation into something more worse. Their willingness to be engaged and involved is a credit to themselves and the City of Hobbs. Their efforts reflect the Safety, Engaged Team Members and Responsive tenants on which the Warrior Award program is built.

This also reflects that the annual fire extinguisher training that all City Employees take part in paid off. This training provided these employees with the knowledge and awareness to handle the situation to handle the situation until the fire department could arrive on scene to extinguish the fire. Training like this is crucial to not only protecting City equipment and property but the community as well.

The investigation into the cause of the fire has been closed. The cause was determined to be an electrical caused by a daisy chain of extension cords and power outlets connected to one another and an electric smoker in the backyard.

Use Code RED to be notified by your local emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts (such as temporary trash pickup changes). Sign up for the text, call, and email service by clicking here.

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Citizens Self Service

Introducing Citizen Self Service for the City of Hobbs, New Mexico. We are excited to offer our citizens, businesses, and visitors online access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to a wide array of city services!

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