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City of Hobbs Responds to Training Storms

Before, during, and after this week’s storms, the City of Hobbs holds public safety as its number one concern. Last night’s storm has been described by the National Weather Service in Midland as a "Training" storm. A Training storm is when a storm develops and then re-develops over the same area multiple times. Last night, we received up to 6 inches of rain in certain areas of the city. The Hobbs Fire Department, Hobbs Police Department, Streets Department, and Parks Department will work simultaneously to ensure that the needs of the public are met to the best of their ability.

These City of Hobbs departments that will be working together in order to ensure the safety of Hobbs citizens will prepare areas in town that are more susceptible to flooding. This may include closing down or barricading streets. The City of Hobbs encourages residents to be mindful of the areas of town they know to be susceptible of flooding. Residents being mindful of this will allow the Police Department to respond to other residents in need. If you or someone you know become stranded in such a situation, please call the Hobbs Police Department Non-Emergency number at (575) 397-9265.

The City of Hobbs is asking its citizens to assist in providing safety for the area by not driving during or immediately after the storms. The public should be wary of standing water, as they will not be positive of what type of structure(s) may be in the water, how deep the water is, or if their vehicle is capable of passing through the area. Even if a vehicle is able to sustain this type of weather, driving through large bodies of water may cause waves that will push up against nearby structures and cause flooding inside the nearby homes or structures. Please, be considerate of your fellow residents.

The trash pickup service has been adjusted due to the large amount of rainfall that has already occurred in the city of Hobbs. Citizens with unpaved alleys will receive curbside only trash pickup service until further notice in order to comply with storm recovery. Curbside pickup will be in service until the alleyways have been deemed passable by the City of Hobbs Streets Department. In order for their trash to be picked up by the service providers, citizens need to place their poly cart at the curb. This will ensure waste management personnel and residents are provided the safest and most reliable method of picking up the trash. If there is flooding on your street, please do not place your poly cart at the curb as the water is likely to push it over and it may become a driving hazard in the street, particularly during the storm; you may potentially lose your poly cart due to moving water carrying it away. Your poly cart will be serviced as soon as possible. For more information on your trash pickup service, please call the Utilities Department at (575)397-9315.

The southbound lanes of Lovington Highway are currently shut down due to the amount of standing water that is in these 2 lanes. As this is not an area of town that typically floods, this stands as an example of how much water the city of Hobbs has received. Potential storms may worsen the situation, and residents are advised to avoid this area during and after the storms.

Be aware of traffic cones, barricades, and other vehicles. Also, be aware of vehicles that have pulled over to the side of the road. These drivers are either unable to move their vehicle or cannot see you. If you or someone you know become stranded in such a situation, please call the Hobbs Police Department Non-Emergency number at (575) 397-9265.

The City of Hobbs does not provide sandbags. If you are in need of sandbags or something similar, you are recommended to obtain these items prior to the expected time of the next potential storm so that you are not on the road during the storm.

The City of Hobbs encourages residents to send any photos, video coverage, requests for assistance, or notification of areas that need attention to the City’s Facebook and Twitter pages. You can find the City on Facebook at "City of Hobbs – City Government" and Twitter as @CityofHobbs.

Citizens are encouraged to stay informed about possible changes in the weather forecast as they are subject to change suddenly. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Weather Service (NWS) are 2 reliable websites to visit in order to receive updated information. You may visit NOAA’s website at and NWS’s at There are also apps from these two organizations that you may download to your phone in order to receive updates and weather advisories.

This is one of the times when Hobbs residents truly come together and show their support for one another. The City of Hobbs would like to encourage residents to care of those around you and help to ensure their safety. All actions being taken by the City of Hobbs will be attempts to increase public safety, and the City of Hobbs appreciates the efforts of its citizens in this time of emergency.

Completion of Effluent Reuse Project Phase 1

The first phase of the City of Hobbs Effluent Reuse Project has been substantially completed as of August 29th, 2016. The City of Hobbs Effluent Reuse Project (Project) is a proactive and proven approach in water conservation that will effectively extend the life and conserve the Ogallala Aquifer. Completion of this phase of the Project results in the installation of 7 miles of 20" purple pipe and 15 total miles of pipe have been installed in total for the Project. Approximately $9.5 million ($4,560,000 comes from a Water Trust Fund Grant, $3,040,000 comes from a Water Trust Fund Loan, and $1,900,000 in capital from the City of Hobbs) have been spent on the Project at this point. Principally, the Project replaces irrigation water being pumped from the Ogallala Aquifer with treated effluent water discharged from the wastewater reclamation facility. The Project will ultimately result in an annual potable water savings in excess of 2,700 acre feet/year, or approximately 1 billion gallons annually. This represents over 30% of the City’s current annual water pumping volume.

The City of Hobbs relies on the Ogallala Aquifer (Ogallala) for its municipal water supply. The City’s continued growth, declining water levels, and lack of recharge to the Ogallala have prompted concerns about the limited nature of this critical resource. In response, the City has implemented several conservation practices to reduce water consumption from the Ogallala Aquifer and extend the life of this essential natural resource. The City of Hobbs completed a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) that developed a comprehensive plan to significantly increase the reuse of treated effluent water to replace water demand currently being met by pumping groundwater from the Ogallala.

The completion of Phase 1 of the Effluent Reuse Project represents a major milestone for this important project and included the design and construction of a new 20" effluent pipeline from Mahan Road to Rockwind Community Links and Harry McAdams Park. The design and construction of the Rockwind Golf Course effluent pipeline was accomplished through the use of local capital infrastructure funds and funding from multiple state grant awards approved by the New Mexico State Legislation, the Water Trust Fund and the Water Trust Board.

From 2010-2015, the City has experienced a 37.5% decrease in potable water usage (May - September) while the community has experienced an 11.5% increase in population. These numbers are evidence that the City’s proactive and innovative approach to water conservation is having a positive impact and our water usage. The City’s emphasis on major projects such as the Effluent Reuse Project and the implementation by the City Commission of the annual Water Conservation Period that regulates irrigation usage, coupled with Public Education and heightened public awareness have been successful in reducing the City’s extraction of potable water from the Ogallala Aquifer.

City of Hobbs Mayor, Sam D. Cobb, stated, "Completion of Phase 1 of the Effluent Reuse Project has been greatly anticipated as it is a substantial resource to the water conservation efforts already in place. This project highlights a significant commitment for our community to be incredible stewards of our natural resources. Whether it is providing additional fire protection in remote areas or watering our award-winning golf development, Rockwind Community Links, this project is truly a win-win for our community."

City of Hobbs City Manager, J.J. Murphy, stated, "I am thankful for the City of Hobbs Commission’s constant support of this Project and to the City of Hobbs Staff for making our vision a reality."

City of Hobbs Hosts Fifty-Ninth New Mexico Municipal League Conference

For the first time in history, the City of Hobbs will be hosting the 59th New Mexico Municipal League (NMML) 2016 Conference from August 30th - September 2nd. According to their website, "The NMML is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association representing and serving New Mexico’s cities, towns, and villages." The League is made up of 106 member cities, which represents the State’s entire municipal population. This means that hundreds of visitors will be in Hobbs, New Mexico for at least 4 days and 3 nights.

The host of the annual NMML Conference is chosen from numerous bids submitted to the NMML. This bid is in competition with other municipalities’ bids from all over the state of New Mexico. During the NMML Conference, attendees will attend educational workshops that are related to their specific field of work, delegate votes will be cast in setting policy and electing officers, municipal elected officials will be able to earn some of their required credentials, and representatives of each member city will have a chance meet with other representatives to discuss methods and practices.

All year long, the League conducts workshops, meetings, and performs other duties to keep municipal officials informed and assist them with their obligations and responsibilities. This is an opportunity for municipal representatives from all over the state to meet with each other and discuss which methods have been working best for their part of the state. Municipalities and their residents confront many similar issues; this conference is a chance for them to share best practices in overcoming these issues.

City Manager, J.J. Murphy, stated, "Hosting the 59th NMML Conference is a huge honor and responsibility. We have been planning for this conference for 3 years now and it is exciting to finally get to see all that hard work done by City of Hobbs and NMML staffs come together. For the first time, the City of Hobbs will be the host of this conference and able to show other municipalities of the state what our city has to offer. We look forward to a successful and memorable conference."

Community Service Project During NMML Conference

The City of Hobbs will be hosting the 59th New Mexico Municipal League (NMML) 2016 Conference from August 30th - September 2nd. An important factor of the annual conference is that the attendees have the opportunity to participate in a community service project. Over the years, these projects have ranged from planting trees to community cleanups.

This year, the City of Hobbs proposed a bathing and shot clinic for dogs for the project. The bathing and shot clinic for dogs will take place in front of the Hobbs Animal Adoption Clinic (700 N. Grimes St.) from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. The clinic will be open and available to all well-behaving dogs. Each dog must be wearing a collar and a leash. The owner must be present for the duration of the dog’s care.

This project and location will come at a perfect timing considering the art dedication ceremony that was held on Tuesday, August 23rd. The ceremony is in recognition of the purchase and installation by the City of Hobbs of the statue by Lorri Acott, Who Rescued Who?, placed in front of the Hobbs Animal Clinic.

The City of Hobbs looks forward to numerous municipal members from various areas across the state donating a bit of their time and energies in contribution to our community. It is not just a time for pet owners to bring their beloved furry friends to be taken care of, but also a time for individuals from across New Mexico to get to know our community and its wonderful residents. The Hobbs Animal Adoption Clinic is proud to be a part of this opportunity and provide this setting.

Restricted City Staff at City Offices

During the entire week of Monday, August 29th - Friday, September 2nd, all City of Hobbs departments will be at minimum staffing. Due to training and other events during this time, City of Hobbs employees will have responsibilities outside their regular daily duties; this may make transactions within City Hall and other City buildings more difficult.

In order for employees to attend a training event, City Hall will be closed on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 from 11:30 am - 3 pm.

Residents are encouraged to go online to pay their bills and fines at The City of Hobbs thanks its residents for their patience. For any questions, contact the City of Hobbs at (575)397-9200.

City of Hobbs Commission Introduces Live Video Streaming

On Monday, August 15th, the City of Hobbs will be live video streaming for the first time during a City Commission meeting. This service has been expressed as greatly desired by numerous Hobbs residents, and the City of Hobbs and City Commission are proud to provide it.

There will be a link to the video on the City website’s homepage. Archived videos and the corresponding agenda to them will be available in the same location, so even if an individual cannot view it live or wants to review a part, they can always watch it later. There will be multiple views. These differing views will be an overview of the City Commission members, close-ups of presenters and speakers, and an on-screen presentation of the agenda and documents being presented during the meeting; the camera will pan between the views as well as close-ups of which Commission member is currently speaking may happen. Members of the audience may also be seen on the video if caught in the camera’s view.

The City Commission members look forward to making these meetings more available to the public. They look forward to their constituents being able to be more involved in the community and the discussions of plans to make it even greater.

City Manager, J.J. Murphy stated, "After hours of diligent research and work by City Staff, I am proud to present this new amenity to our public. With online financial records viewable from our website, constant contact with our residents, and now online video streaming of City Commission meetings, we continue to improve access and transparency for our residents."

Streamed Commission Meetings »

Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan FY 2017-2021

Citizen Police Academy

The Fall session of the 2016 Hobbs Police Department Citizen Academy will begin on Tuesday September 13. If you or someone you know is interested in attending this 10 week program, please contact Officer Mike Stone at (575) 397-9381. Applications can be obtained at The Citizen Police Academy is tailored especially for the citizens of the City of Hobbs and there are no costs for the attendees. It is a fun, interactive and very informative experience that is designed to forge relationships with every part of the community we proudly serve. Class size is limited to twenty-five students, so please return your application as soon as possible in order to be considered for this session. The Hobbs Police Department wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable summer.

Water Regulations

The City of Hobbs has established a designated period of city wide water conservation that begins May 15th and continues through September 15th of each year. No domestic or commer-cial water shall be used for garden, lawn, or other exterior watering or sprinkling application, except from the water mains of and upon the premises having an even street address on even calendar dates and having an odd street address on odd calendar dates. In case of corner buildings having both odd and even address numbers, the address listed on the consumer’s account with the City’s Utilities Department shall control. On the thirty-first day of months that have thirty-one days, no watering shall be allowed.

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Consumer Confidence Report 2015

We are pleased to present this year's Annual Water Quality Report (Consumer Confidence Report) as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). This report is designed to provide details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies. This report is a snapshot of last year's water quality. We are committed to providing you with information because informed customers are our best allies.

Consumer Confidence Report (.pdf) »

2016 Parks & Rec Flip Book

We now have the tools to help you plan your activities. Click to go to the electronic version of the activity guide. The paper booklets are also in stock at the Parks & Recreation Office and other offices around City Hall.

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