Legal Notices

Sole Source/Emergency Service Pole

Ordinance Changing Social Service Agencies

Procurement Ordinance change

Seasonal Nepotism Ordinance

Repealing Secion 15.05 Fire zones legal notice

Notice to bidders 1529-158
Effluent Reuse project

Notice to bidders 1534-15
WWTP Anoxic Mixer Replacement

Notice to Bidders No 1531-15
Annual Pavement and Concrete Work Agreement

RFP 476-15
for Design/Expansion of City Wide Surveillance System

Notification of Air Permitting Activity

Paris Holdings Legal Notice

Notice to bidders - Bid No. 1527-15 E. Sanger Sewer/Forcemain Extension Project

RFQ No 477-15 Hobbs Health Wellness and Learning Center

Electrical Service - Emergency

Ordinance No 1079 - Water and Sewer Rates 2014

Resolution 6179 Golf Course

Rockwind Community Links Legal Notice

Procurement Ordinance Legal Notice

Procurement Ordinance 2014


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Library Board Meeting Agenda - June 2, 2015


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Ordinance 1079 - Water and Sewer Rates

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Quality of Life Master Plan


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