Legal Notices

Taqueria Jalisco

Furnish Professional Services for The CORE

City of Hobbs – Proposed Ordinance Authorizing a Loan Agreement with the New Mexico Environment Department to Finance the Design and Construction of the New Aerobic Digestion Basins at the City of Hobbs Wastewater Reclamation Facility

2016 Hobbs CDBG Infrastructure Improvements

Veterinary Services at Hobbs Animal Adoption Center

City of Hobbs - Animals at City Sponsored Special Events

City of Hobbs - Animals on Posted Property

City of Hobbs - Code of Conduct Ordinance

City of Hobbs - Ordinance Amending Title 16 of the Hobbs Municipal Code - Subdivisions

Notice of Ordinance - 105 W. Broadway Purchase Agreement

Procurement Policy Ordinance

City of Hobbs Uniform Traffic Ordinance

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